APEC Aspire Prize

A researcher whose work assesses the conservation challenges and management risks associated with sea level rise has been chosen as Australia’s nominee for the US$25,000 APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research and Education (ASPIRE). Dr Nicholas Murray from UNSW Sydney was selected by an expert panel ... Read the story here (Australian Academy of Sciences) and here (The Australian).

Featured in The Guardian

Our analysis of the global distribution and change of tidal flats was featured in The Guardian yesterday. I discuss how we applied a machine learning classifier to the entire Landsat archive to map the distribution of one of the last unmapped coastal ecosystems and what it could mean for tidal flat conservation. Read the story here.

Featured in Hakai

Our new paper in Nature is featured in Hakai magazine. This is the story of tidal flats, their global distribution as discovered by machine learning and remote sensing, and how their losses are impacting shorebird populations around the world. Read the story here.

Nature Toolbox: Interview with Nick Murray

Roberta Kwok interviewed me for a feature on the use of satellite data and remote sensing tools in ecology, published in Nature yesterday.

Shorebird protection in China

A great article on Mongabay by Benjamin Graham reports the great news that 14 sites along China's coastline have been added to the tentative world heritage list. Our tidal flat mapping in the region showed massive losses of this coastal ecosystem and listing on the World Heritage list is a very promising step signalling improved conservation of this threatened ecosystem.


Our free remote sensing app, that allows users with very little experience in satellite remote sensing to make maps from Landsat data, is featured in ITNews. Users can easily implement machine learning classifications using more than 10 global geospatial layers. Make highly accurate maps using cutting-edge remote sensing for free. Read here.

New York Times

This week an important article on migratory shorebirds that features some of my research was published in the New York Times.

Flying for their lives

Some of my work was featured in a four part feature by the Ann Jones of the ABC on the alarming plight of migratory shorebirds. The radio documentary is available on ABC, with the long-format article here (flying for their lives) and the a story in Australian Geographic.

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