Global Ecology Lab


Our mission is to apply cutting-edge analytical techniques to environmental data to support conservation of species and ecosystems across the world.

Led by Dr Nicholas Murray, the Global Ecology Lab (GEL) is located at James Cook University, Australia.

The Global Ecology and Conservation Lab (GECL) is located at James Cook University, Australia. Led by Dr Nicholas Murray, we conduct applied research in the fields of geospatial science, ecology and conservation science.

Global-scale remote sensing

Applying machine learning models to earth observation data to deliver new data, analyses and insights into the state of the world's natural ecosystems

Intertidal dynamics

Understanding the distribution, trajectory and change of the world's intertidal coastal ecosystems

Threatened ecosystems

Developing methods to understand the status of all of Earth's ecosystems

Risk simulation

Estimating risks to ecosystems and species using spatial simulation models and machine learning

National ecosystem assessment

Partnership with NGOs and governments to map and assess the status of natural ecosystems at the national scale

Migration ecology

Understanding the drivers of population dynamics and declines in world's largest migratory flyways

Geospatial software

Developing open-access software in Google Earth Engine, Python and R to support environmental management and conservation globally